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With us, your memories and your data are safe and have their own eternal life. With Eternal U your datafied self can live on. We collect all your personal data and metadata and we create a chatbot which can communicate just like you. You choose the combination of our services, activate and train your chatbot. You design your future digital self. We have the solution to mankind's forgetfulness.

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In the digital era we live in nothing is more valuable than our memories. After I was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, I wanted to preserve these for my family and friends. That's why I trusted Eternal_U.

Paul Papadopoulos
Highschool Teacher

Oblivion is a modern plague. With Eternal_U and my personal chatbot I feel that my digital memories and self stay secure and accessible only by the ones I have chosen.

Maria Deligianni
Secretery, Contra Agency

At some point of my life I decided that in the worst scenario my beloved ones should stay happy and preserve a part of me close to them. Eternal_U was the only secure solution!

Ioannis Geros
Chef, The small boat, Restaurant


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